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Oklahoma City Zoo - Asia Exhibit

Address: 2101 NE 50th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner: Oklahoma Zoological Trust
Engineer: Torre Design Consortium, Ltd.
Contract Amount: $10 - $15 Million
Completion: November 2010

In 2009, Lippert Bros., Inc. was the successful bidder for a project to construct a new elephant habitat for the Oklahoma City Zoo.  The new Asia Exhibit covers 9.5 acres of Zoo real estate.  Located at the southeast corner of the Zoo, adjacent to the Great Escape, the state-of-the-art exhibit includes three spacious outdoor paddocks, two pools, a 26 foot waterfall, shade structures, and an elephant house.  The 15,600 square foot elephant house includes eight stalls along with a community stall which are viewable by the public through windows placed along a raised boardwalk.  The exhibit also features a 400+ seat Thai Demonstration Pavilion where the audience can see interactive training sessions between the elephants and their keepers.  The exhibit’s Asian theme is created through the use of heavy timber framing for the boardwalk and six pavilion structures.  The pavilion roof systems are a combination of thatched grass and shake shingles.


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