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OSU-OKC Parking Garage

Address: 900 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK
Owner: Oklahoma State University
Contract Amount: $2-5 Million
Project Completion: August 2013
Long before LBI's involvement, the students at OSU-OKC voted to begin paying fees for the construction of this parking garage, knowing they probably wouldn't be around to benefit from its construction.  While meeting the needs of a growing campus the garage provides an architecturally pleasing addition to the campus and stands as a symbol of growth to come.  This project involved the construction of a four level, 313 space parking structure at the North end of the OSU-OKC Campus.  The structure is primarily precast with field toped tees.  A radiused wall of steel & storefront glazing at the main elevator and stair tower is featured on the South side.

2211 E. I-44 Service Road  |  PO Box 17450  |  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1450   |  ph:405-478-3580  |  fx:405-478-3301