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Omnidome Theater

Address: 2100 NE 50th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner: Kirkpatrick Science & Airspace Museum at Omniplex
Architect: Kerr 3 Design Group, Inc.
Category: Theaters 
Contract Amount: $2 - $5 Million
Project Completion: December 1999

Awards: Merit Award by AGC of Oklahoma Building Chapter in recognition of outstanding achievement in construction excellence, skill, quality and complexity for the Omnidome Theater at the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 1999

The Omnidome, with a seating capacity of 287, is an "IWERKS " theater which is similar to the more commonly known "IMAX " theater. This structure, which was the first of its kind in Oklahoma, primarily consists of cast-in-place architectural concrete with an aluminum geodesic dome roof which spans eighty-five feet in diameter. The dome’s base rests on a concrete "ring beam " at a 30 degree angle complicating even more the concrete structure. Mechanical towers with a modified roof system sit on two sides which are clad with stainless steel metal wall panels. A translucent roof assembly along with an aluminum and glass curtain wall connect the new theater to the existing museum. 

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