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Botanical Bridge

Address: One Myriad Gardens - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner: City of Oklahoma City
Category: Parks & Monuments
Architect: Conklin & Rossant
Contract Amount: $5 - $10 Million
Project Completion: 1985

In 1985 Lippert Bros., Inc. was selected to construct the Myriad Gardens Botanical Bridge also know as The Crystal Bridge. This project required the construction of a plexi-glass tube structure over an existing water filled pond. LBI recognized that the tri-cord trusses specified to be shipped from halfway across the country, resembled structures commonly used to make highway signs. Lippert Bros., Inc. was able to work with a local company to fabricate the trusses and save thousands of dollars in freight expenses resulting in a large savings to the owner. Since the completion of the Botanical Bridge LBI has returned to complete the northeast quadrant of the park by adding walkways, courtyards, parking and extensive landscaping. 

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