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Journal Record Building Rehabilitation

Address: 601 N. Robinson - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner: Oklahoma City Industrial & Cultural Facilities Trust
Category: Office Buildings
Architect: C. H. Guernsey & Associates
Contract Amount: $7 - $10 Million
Project Completion: May, 2002

This five-story, 170,000 square foot, limestone office building originally constructed in the early 1920's stands adjacent to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The Journal Record Building was heavily damaged by the bombing of April 19, 1995 — both interior and exterior. The interior was completely destroyed by the blast which blew out all of the acoustical ceilings and dropped them, the light fixtures and the duct work to the floor. The windows were all completely blown out as well and the penthouse roofs were also blown off allowing rain and the elements to infiltrate the building for nearly four years before plans to renovate the building were developed.

A $1.3 million contract was let to completely gut the building down to the structure. A structural analysis was conducted and the building was found to be sound with only minor structural enhancements required. A $7.9 million contract was let to rehabilitate the building including all new mechanical and electrical systems, new elevators, and new public areas — corridors, lobbies and restrooms. All the exterior windows were replaced as well as the entry vestibules. The limestone veneer was cleaned and replaced where necessary and the building is now ready for lease. One major tenant, The Oklahoma City National Memorial Center, occupies four floors on the west end of the building.

2211 E. I-44 Service Road  |  PO Box 17450  |  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1450   |  ph:405-478-3580  |  fx:405-478-3301