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Fairview Municipal Hospital

Address: 523 East State Road - Fairview, Oklahoma
Owner: Fairview Municipal Hospital
Category: Healthcare
Architect: Sparks Architecture
Contract Amount: $2 - $5 Million
Project Complete: April, 2007

An extensive seven phase remodel and addition that took place in nearly every area of the existing, operational hospital.  Key areas of new construction included a new emergency care wing, a new patient wing, new main entrance, one new x-ray suite.  The staged remodel portion of this project included surgery suites, pharmacy, administration areas and extensive HVAC and electrical   system upgrades. 

2211 E. I-44 Service Road  |  PO Box 17450  |  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1450   |  ph:405-478-3580  |  fx:405-478-3301