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Garvin County Courthouse Remodel & ADA Updates Phases I & II

Address: 201 West Grant, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Owner: Garvin County Commissioners
Category: GovernmentOffice Buildings
Architect: Blackledge & Associates

Phase I - Elevator Addition & ADA Upgrades
Contract Amount:  Less thatn $2 Million
Project Conmpletion:  June 2010

Phase II - Remodel & ADA Upgrades
Contract Amount:  $2 -$5 Million
Project Conmpletion:  August 2012

Lippert Bros., Inc. was the successful bidder for two separate phases of work at the Garvin County Courthouse.  Phase I of the work included the construction of a new elevator hoist way.  The new hoist way is connected to the existing building by glass enclosed walkways.  The existing elevator hoist way, located in the rotunda of the building was demolished and the area was restored.  Other items included in this phase were installation of a new standing seam roof on the courthouse and an upgraded electrical service. Phase II of the work includes upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems throughout the courthouse complex as well as the removal and replacement of the exterior sidewalks.


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