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OUHSC Steam & Chilled Water Plant Addition

Address: 805 NE 8th Street - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner: Board of Regents - The University of Oklahoma
Category: Waste & Water TreatmentEducational
Engineer: ADG / Architectural Design Group, Inc.
Contract Amount: $5 - $10 Million
Project Completion: July, 2006

The addition to the existing steam and chilled water plant began with the construction of a 9,160 square foot building east of the existing plant with a connecting enclosed service courtyard and a 100 foot section of utility tunnel. The new facility houses two chillers each with a 3,000 ton capacity, two cooling towers and a new chemical storage building. 

The exterior of the addition is designed to blend in with the existing plant with ribbed precast concrete panels matching brick and solar bronze clerestory windows. The design echoes the arches of the existing plant and an earth berm against the south reduces the apparent height of the walls that face the street. 

2211 E. I-44 Service Road  |  PO Box 17450  |  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1450   |  ph:405-478-3580  |  fx:405-478-3301