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Laying a Family Foundation
Two brothers, Erick W. and Walter H. Lippert, founded Lippert Bros., Inc. in Boone, Iowa in 1920. As brick masons, their first jobs encompassed fireplaces, sidewalks, driveways and residential foundations. The range of construction work gradually increased, so three other Lippert brothers joined the company - Lewis T., Reuben C., and Leo J. Four brothers were trained masons and one brother was a carpenter. It was and still is truly a family enterprise.

The remodeling of storefronts and buildings, along with the addition to the local Boone High School, took the company into more large-scale construction and diversification into sewage- and water-treatment plants. At the outbreak of World War II, the Lipperts built the Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, sewage-treatment plant. This expertise and recognized excellence led to a successful bid on the sewage and water treatment system at the new Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City, in addition to construction of numerous military training command projects throughout the Southwest.

An Oklahoma Company
These projects guided the brothers to open an Oklahoma City office. When Donald E. and Robert L., sons of Erick, returned from serving in the Navy during the war and completed their college education, they joined their father in a permanent move to Oklahoma. Lippert Bros., Inc. was incorporated in 1947 and became a distinct entity, separate from the Iowa partnership. The firm has since made its mark on the Oklahoma City landscape and the region of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado.

Each generation of the Lippert family has continued to raise of the bar of excellence and leadership in construction. The Associated General Constructors has awarded two different Lippert family members the Builder of the Year award. Rick Lippert in 2000 and his father, Don Lippert, in 1973 were each given the prestigious honor.

Lippert Bros., Inc. is a family business, extending care and concern for all of their clients and continuing to pursue the highest levels of quality and service throughout all of their endeavors. Diversity, commitment to purpose, consistency, the ability to innovate, and other qualities that add up to maintaining construction quality guarantee their integrity.

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